“The school system does an outstanding job of providing meals for students, but the lack of affordable fresh food sources is a barrier for solving the nutritional needs of many families.”

In building our Advisory Council, we’ve worked hard to bring a mix of smart, community minded people who bring unique and valuable perspectives to the conversation.

Our store is for everyone, so we want to be sure that we’re doing all we can to serve a broad cross-section of people.

Dr. Kimberly Hill joined our team shortly after retiring from her role as superintendent of Charles County Public Schools. She knows firsthand the value of nutrition for our young people, and she’s seen the adverse effects that hunger can have on every aspect of a child’s life.

Making nourishing foods more accessible for young families is important to her, and her passion makes her a valuable member of our advisory council

Read our Q&A to learn more about why she’s excited about the impact we can make together.

What made you want to join the advisory team for the new grocery store in Indian Head?

The residents of Indian Head deserve a local source of fresh affordable food, and after learning about the accomplishments of the team trying to make this goal a reality, it was an honor to join them in their work.

What unique value or perspective do you bring to the advisory team?

As a retired educator and school district superintendent, I understand the impact of nutrition on a child’s ability to really be “present” in school. Too many of our young people come to school hungry, or worried about where their next meal may come from. The school system does an outstanding job of providing meals for students, but the lack of affordable fresh food sources is a barrier for solving the nutritional needs of many families. A family under stress leads to children who are often stressed also, and unable to focus on learning.

What have you seen as the biggest challenges in bringing the store to Indian Head?

The biggest challenge is funding. The team has done a significant amount of work to obtain funding through various sources, but inflation and supply chain issues have complicated the ability to forecast costs. Officials from the Town of Indian Head have been very supportive of our efforts to secure funding. This project would not be possible without this support.

How do you think the new grocery store will most benefit local residents?

Having a small community grocery store situated in downtown Indian Head will be a game changer for local residents. Folks who currently have to drive 20-30 minutes to access fresh, affordable food will now be able to walk or drive a short distance to purchase fresh food right in their own neighborhood.

How do you think the new grocery store will enhance the town of Indian Head overall?

Our hope is that a friendly, local grocery store staffed by local residents will build on the positive momentum for revitalization being seen in Indian Head. We want people to feel comfortable in the store, and be willing to try food offerings from local sources as much as possible. The store will also have a “walk up” ice cream store that we hope people will visit often.

What have you learned from the experience of working with this advisory team?

It has been an honor to work with the advisory team under Mark and Marilyn Steele’s leadership. The members each have their areas of expertise, and are willing to share their experiences in support of this project. Margaret Meade said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” It applies perfectly to the advisory team.

What does this grocery store coming to Indian Head mean to you?

A grocery store in Indian Head is, to me, the next logical step in the revitalization of this part of our county. Town residents will not only have a local source of fresh and affordable food, they will have employment opportunities right in their hometown.