The keys turned, the engines revved and the heavy machinery roared to life.

Monday marked the official start of demo at the site of Oasis Fresh Foods Market! Our Advisory Council was out in force to kick off the event. Fired up and ready to go!

We know so many people have waited patiently for this day, and now you’ll be able to see with your own eyes the steady progress that will lead to the Grand Opening of Indian Head’s new grocery store.

The process is beginning with the demolition of three vacant and dilapidated houses on the property. The construction team will remove the buildings and any trees that will not be part of the landscaping moving forward. Then they’ll begin the work of properly grading the land for future use.

The area behind the Algonquin Building will be used for parking, as well as for a new Community Garden. In keeping with the spirit of renewal that underscores the entire Oasis project, we’re not just tearing down. We’re seeking out every opportunity to create a greater good throughout the process.

Our partners at The Outdoor Living Company — the group designing the Community Garden — are salvaging any recyclable materials from the properties and using them to raise funds for River Pickers, an organization dedicated to cleaning up and improving the ecosystem around our rivers and tributaries.

So as we’re cleaning out these properties, we’re also benefiting the Potomac River and the Mattawoman Creek, which surround our town!

We’re excited to see the physical work truly begin at Oasis Fresh Foods Market, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated with all the new developments along the way.

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