Yesterday was a day of excitement and anticipation as Congressman Steny Hoyer visited Indian Head. He came to see firsthand the incredible developments, and he affirmed his commitment to working with the town to support the ongoing and future revitalization efforts.

It was a day filled with promise and hope. The congressman listened intently we gave him a rundown on the progress of the grocery store and community garden before we took him on a tour of the sites. It was inspiring to see his excitement grow as he began to envision the day when the store is open and the garden is growing.

“About time,” he said, recognizing how much this project will mean to the residents of Indian Head and its surrounding areas, as well as our military community.

It was an uplifting visit, and we are grateful to Congressman Hoyer for taking the time to visit Indian Head and witness the progress we are making. We are confident that with his continued support, our town will continue to flourish and grow.