It’s exciting to realize how much progress we’ve made so far, and now we can finally see the developments with our own eyes.

Few people in Southern Maryland could be better connected or more respected than Sandy Washington.

For more than two decades, she’s led LifeStyles of Maryland, a nonprofit dedicated to providing help, hope and transformation for those in need throughout Southern Maryland. LifeStyles works its everyday miracles by helping provide shelter, clothing, transportation and, of course, food.

In many cases, as she can tell you, access is the biggest barrier. Access to healthy food. Access to employment opportunities. Here in Indian Head, Oasis Fresh Foods Market will provide that access to our local residents. 

And we are incredibly grateful to have Sandy Washington as a member of our team. In our latest Advisory Council Q&A, she shows why her experience, expertise and compassion have been invaluable.

What made you want to join the advisory team for the new grocery store in Indian Head?

I was drawn to be a part of this by the chance to see something so desperately needed finally come to fruition. Seeing the energy that Mark and Marilyn Steele bring to the project only reinforced that this was the right team at the right time for Indian Head.

What unique value or perspective do you bring to the advisory team?

The people that LifeStyles serves on a regular basis are some of the same people who will benefit most from a new grocery store in Indian Head. Some will benefit from the availability of healthy, fresh foods. Some will benefit from the employment opportunities.

The work we do at LifeStyles gives me a grassroots perspective that I believe is beneficial to the design and implementation of the project.

What have you seen as the biggest challenges in bringing the store to Indian Head?

Raising the funds to support this endeavor has probably been the greatest challenge, but it’s been a pleasure to see everyone working together to make it happen.

How do you think the new grocery store will most benefit local residents?

A grocery store is going to breathe life into this area. Everyone should have access to fresh foods, and Indian Head is long overdue. I see it as the next step in the revitalization of the town and one that will continue to drive more business and excitement.

How do you think the new grocery store will enhance the town of Indian Head overall?

Oasis is going to make Indian Head a much more desirable destination, not only for residents but for businesses. It’s also going to be a great benefit for those living in the town who can walk to the store.

What have you learned from the experience of working with this advisory team?

We have an incredible team. People from all walks of life have come together for a mutual cause. This team, strengthened by the leadership of Marilyn and Mark, will see this decades-long dream come to fruition because we work together and continue to encourage each other. Each member brings their unique skill to address every need.

It’s exciting to realize how much progress we’ve made so far, and now we can finally see the developments with our own eyes.